30 submissions in 30 days

Back in September of 2022 I decided to send out some poetry submissions. A LOT of them. The idea was to send a packet every day, to make sharing my poems with the world a more regular habit. I remember WAY back in the day printing and stuffing all those pages and SASEs into the actual, physical mailbox, then waiting anxiously until something came back, usually months and months later. I figured if I could handle that, then stepping up my computerized submissions should be a breeze. Some days it was easy to send a packet. Some days got away from me, but I was determined to hit my goal, so then I had to send out two, three, even FIVE packets to make it to the magical total of 30 for the month. And I did it!

Well. With quicker submissions also comes, in many cases, quicker rejections. And that does not really get any easier with practice or time. But the acceptances are still occasion for rejoicing! Here are two poems featured in the Winter 2023 edition of Stirring: A Literary Collection. One of the great benefits of my practice was exploring so many journals I hadn’t read before, including this one. I am honored to be included here. Hope you enjoy!

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